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I believe I can gormandize hummus and falafels from here for days without getting bored.

Taim – it’s a tiny little gem. It’s an epitome of street food with gourmet tactility. This little joint is Chef Einat Admony and her husband’s creation out of love and craving for super Israeli food.

Taim Falafel Restaurant NYC Middle Eastern

The falafels are among the best I’ve had in the city so far.  Taim in Hebrew means tasty.  The green falafels are good, the harissa falafels are better, but my favourite are the red pepper falafels. There’s something about red pepper based foods that I totally love – it imparts a distinct flavour. Peppers are good for you – for those who aren’t aware, capsicum helps you lose weight. Talk about eating and trying to not feel guilty ;)

Look at those tiny falafel balls – the scoop for which comes from what is probably Tel Aviv’s largest market – Shuk Ha’Carmel (Shouka Carmel or Carmel Market).

Fresh is the word. The green falafels contain mint and cilantro. They make their own harissa – a spiced chutney/ sauce using Tunisian spices. The red falafels are made from roasted red pepper.

The hummus and tahini are great. So are their side sauces, especially the hot one. You can watch her video preparing hummus here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8MrfLD39zM

And the pita is so soft and fresh, dusted with herbs and you’ve got wheat options. I read that they’re specially made for them to order, from Brooklyn.  http://www.newyorker.com/arts/reviews/tables/2007/11/19/071119gota_GOAT_tables_collins

I usually get the Mediterranean platter, which has all of the items I mentioned above, Israeli salad and quinoa salad. I swipe the plate clean. Every time.

You can replace the two salads with any other of your choice. I’ve tried carrots, pickled cabbage and the spicy eggplant – and they all are delish. The Israeli, quino and pickled cabbage salads are relatively bland. The carrots and the eggplant are very flavourful – great mix of the spices.

Super healthy. Super yummy. Super satisfying. I just can’t get enough.  You have to eat there to know what I mean.

I LOVE New York City. And I LOVE Taim.


Five Stars


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* Restaurant Name
* Overall
★★☆ ☆ ☆
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
West Village / Middle Eastern / Israeli / Falafel
* Street Address
222 Waverly Pl. (Between West 11th St. & 7th Ave. South), New York, NY 10014
* Phone
(212) 691-1287

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