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IMG_20171215_125331 The husband wanted to sleep some more. And the child dozed off as well. I couldn’t. Not on a clear day. So off I went.

Walked around a bit. Explored the Jungceylon shopping mall. Gorgeous, gorgeous elephants stuff. Beautifully done food hall. Spas galore.

Couldn’t find something very interesting, so ended up here at Sushi Box to get the happies, since travelling further yet wasn’t an option as I had to be at the grumpster’s beck and call, should the child wake up soon.

Ordered the coconut mojito, since it looked prettier than the piña colada, no kidding! I was keen on getting a lychee martini, but they didn’t have any, so settled with that. You don’t. Coconut mojito, not as great as a fool proof piña colada on the taste, for me. But I got good shots!

IMG_20171215_125310 IMG_20171215_125315
IMG_20171215_125328 IMG_20171215_125331
IMG_20171215_125335 IMG_20171215_125344
IMG_20171215_125351 IMG_20171215_125353

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