Super Bowl & Birthday Dessert

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Super Bowl & Birthday Dessert

This past weekend was fun until Sunday evening when the hubster lost his calm and cool.  Now, that’s not a rarity, but this was one of the bigger ones.  Why, you ask.  He doesn’t need a reason.  It’s always because I did this or I did that.  So about an hour after his bad ranting got over, we went to these friends’ place.  This was also an hour after we were almost at their place, but someone had to put their foot down and turn around.

Super Bowl was only namesake.  With toddlers in tow, I hardly kept track of the game.  But enjoyed this nice cinnamon whiskey.  And there were these kati rolls for dinner.

 And this so birthday dessert – a cake, crumbled, mixed with home made chocolate custard and steamed for 30ish minutes.  The end result was more like a halwa.

Earlier that weekend, it was some of this wine from Hawaii and this puzzle. 
Wrapped up with some molten chocolate cake from Chili’s.  

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