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Quieter from over three years back that I remember.

Reds and greens create a lively decor, yet light lights to not make it too bright and glaring. A little rock garden where you cannot be seated but can see from where you’re seated.

The hubster didn’t want to go out with J&S, so he decided to give them a ditch this evening saying he had to work. Well, that was the truth, that he was working till late but we had a lie of omission here where he didn’t mention that he’ll want to give them a skip and that just the two of us will be hanging out.

I agreed instantly, though I would’ve probably picked up spending time with S&R and J&S although I’m not a big fan of one of them either.

The husband and I usually have endless arguments on situations like these. Like why(s) and why not(s). I decided to give that a dodge this evening, hoping the hub will realize that in future, if I want to spend time alone, he’ll agree without any arguments.

All this talk is only because I’m waiting for him at the restaurant. I ordered the guacamole, which is charged per person. The first for me. Obviously, I do not remember it from my last visit a few years ago.

With Cascabel Chile, Pickled Radish, this dish screamed flavours.  Wonderful flavours and colourful delight.


Guacamole ***.520130912-121643.jpg

House bread with a nice bean dip ****20130912-121823.jpg


Yellow Mole, Pickled Cabbage, Radish.  Generous serving of vegetables.




Visit! Eat! Love!

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* Restaurant Name
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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
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Chelsea / Mexican
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311 West 17th St., New York, NY 10011
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(212) 243-1333

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