Stockholm (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

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Stockholm (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)


The next day, we started fresh, ate breakfast at the motel, and as we were getting more details about the city from the hotel staff, baby K threw up. So much that both of us had to go up and take a shower.

This delayed things a bit. But we started. Got of in the Södermalm area, walked around a bit, touched the S:ta Maria Magdalena kyrka and then continued walking to Gamla Stan.

Explored from outside the Riddarhuset, Riddarholmen Church, The Royal Palace and Storkyrkan. Then, continued to the Stockholm central area, grabbed a quick sushi bite at Neko (read more about it here), walked a bit, decided to do the city canal tour (the two hour one, which seemed a little waste, of money and time and also given the fact that K didn’t let me listen much to what they were saying).

All the while (reading exploring the city), I enjoyed the wine that we bought on the train last night. Bear in mind, I paid a bomb for our train tickets, way expensive than what a flight might have been. But it was first class – they were cheaper than second class. It was a comfortable ride.

After the tour, we walked around a bit more, tried to get to some place where I could get those classic Stockholm views. Stockholms stadshus or their city hall was nice and gave us some views, but not all.

More walking and we saw the area of this restaurant called Restaurang European And Asian Taste AB. We liked those two restaurants there, by the looks a lot, and decided eating at this one. The food was utter bad, but the place was good looking and the service was friendly.

We wrapped up dinner, and on the way back, saw the popular graffiti at the Kungsträdgården while heading back to the hotel. Motel L is where we stayed, very conveniently located for public transport access. Read more about my stay there here.

Next day, the husband felt lazy and didn’t want to move. I decided to do the Ericsson globe, which was in the other direction of the city, and which he wasn’t too keen on. It wasn’t a lot of fun and the views were nothing compared to the views from that Copenhagen church, but this was on my list and I checked it off.

When I reached the hotel, the husband still wanted to get some more rest. We argued and then he proceeded to take some more rest. Around quarter past noon, we left the hotel, grabbed some groceries for baby K from the store next door and continued to lunch at Falafelbaren (read about it here). Then some not so good ice-cream at 18smaker and then to the city.

We saw Nordiska museet from out (looked grand) and visited the Vasamuseet. It was superb and I’m glad we decided to go in. The ship was plain majestic. We continued the tram ride in that area and saw the Gröna Lund from outside. While we went to the Djugarden stop, we particularly didn’t walk and explore those gardens.

Fotografiska and Fjällgatan area boast of good views of the city too. But I ended up opting for dinner at Sturehof which wasn’t bad, but again, in hindsight, I would’ve/should’ve done the Fjällgatan views.

Atleast I know what to do, if I have a little layover in Stockholm or something 🙂

This, and then we did one train in the other direction to get more glimpses of the popular graffiti at their train stations and then were on our way back to the hotel.

The next day morning was to be our flight to Bergen and the popular fjords region exploration.

The Fotografiska area boasts of good views too, but we decided to give that a miss and grab dinner at Sturehof, on a local’s recommendation.  I’ll be blogging about that on my restaurant blog soon.  This, and then some graffiti viewing at their train stations followed by heading back to the hotel and wrapping Stockholm up early the following morning.

Here’s a photo viewing.

Stockholm from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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