Stanton Social

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Stanton Social

It really looks like a chic place to socialize. The place reminded me of Alta.
Absolutely packed on the first level at 8 on Sunday, they seated us upstaris at a quieter second level. Had it been a Saturday or a Friday, we would have waited, but not this evening.

They started us with a perfect creamy cucumber gazpacho.

Potato & Goat Cheese Pierogies ****
With caramelized onions, truffle creme fraiche

Spaghetti squash *
Which could have been flavoured better

Vegetable slider ***
Of which I got only a bite because the the meat eaters were greedy enough to have more of the only third vegetarian tapas we had ordered, in addition to their three non vegetarian tapas that I did not touch :p

Grilled Ovendried Tomato Pizzetta *
With fresh mozzarella, grana, roasted garlic, chile oil. The pizzetta was a tad chewy and not worthy of the place.

Fava Bean & Ricotta Ravioli ***
Not bad, with mushroom dill puree, sweet pea shoots but the thing is that I have tried so many great ones, that the benchmark is set sky high. Good is simply not good enough.

Warm Doughnuts ****
With caramel, chocolate & raspberry dipping sauces

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Mousse *
With brownie, caramel popcorn, popcorn ice cream. That was a bit too much salt for me to take.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler Sundae **.5
With bourbon ice cream, roasted peaches, oatmeal streusel. This one was not served in the most convenient-to-eat bowl.

90 Proof Milkshake Shot ****
Maker’s Mark & caramel ice cream. To get drunk and fat, this is the way to go. For this, the someone forgot their courtesies again, really. After eating all the food, you want to take this away from me too? After not wanting to order this and after me being courteous to let them taste, this is what they do to me? 😉 :p

A couple of glasses of wines, one Italian and the other from California made it a happy evening. This, after a walk along the west side highway on a pleasant sunny day.

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