Spring in Walk 

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Spring in Walk 

Its spring in New York. And there’s a spring in my walk. The spring in New York is because of the weather cycles. The spring in my walk is because I’m on a garden leave for this week and the next, before joining a new firm.

It feels good to be out and about with a spring in spring, and not have to spend the whole working a day at a desk that doesn’t have a window anywhere in the vicinity.

After lying in bed for a day, baking a birthday cake for my two year old, then lying in bed for the next day, I’m out in the city this beautiful Friday.

Chelsea market was lively, even at 11 in the morning.

Anthropologie looked colorful and some dresses, buy-worthy. Only if they were a score cheaper.

The flea market in Meatpacking district was colorful.

Then there was the Pure Leaf tea event in Meatpacking.

I had lunch at Takumi. Then strolled a bit before heading back home to catch up on Big Bang Theory and afternoon nap.

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