Spring Dumpling House

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Spring Dumpling House

A rustic and wooden look, this place would’ve have attracted me even without specifically looking up reviews. Not that it has many so far, but good ones.

The vegetarian pot stickers – lightly pan fried and then steamed are fresh and hearty.  Eat++


I sat there for a while, reading a book on Shanghai’s history. The very friendly server came up to me after some time and mentioned the salad and soup. I said I’d save that for another time. She mentioned that she’d get one on the house and I agreed. And it was such a fantastic little bowl of wonder. Potatoes so well done, that I could not tell how they cooked it. On inquiry, she revealed that they had boiled it. And it was done to such perfection that it retained some crunchiness and freshness. Served cold, with subtle flavor of salt and nothing else, this was really a delight.




Returning for sure, for the simple food and extra polite staff. On my way to home from work.


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