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The past Wednesday, I went for a small press dinner at Spiegel. This new cafe cum bar serves good casual fare, influenced by Mediterranean, Israeli, Moroccan and more.

Conversing with the owner of restaurant, Shmulik Avital, I learnt that he brought in his touch in not only the food, but the decor – the white oak tables and chairs to the U shaped bar counter. Open since this summer, the restaurant, giving a friendly vibe like the owner seems to have frequent customers already. And guess what, they’ve actually named one of their popular dishes, the Kiplin for one of their customers. Isn’t that a friendly gesture?

The owner, along with Chef Dario Tapia (of Westville and Maison Kayser fame) crafted this Mediterranean cum Israeli cum Moroccan cum American fare.  You’ll get soft zucchini fritters, fried stuffed mushrooms, baked feta, vegetarian burger, couscous, baked cauliflower, Moroccan carrots, rice pudding, chocolate mousse, flan and what not here. Well, those are some of their dishes we got. It was a lot! And none of it disappointed us.

The name selection for the place, Shmulik says, was simple too.  It was between his father’s name or producer Samuel Spiegel.  No prizes for guessing who won 🙂  His like for movies is translating to socializing too.  Starting soon, they are going to have Monday movie nights.

The place is open for breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Won’t you drop in for some serious coffee from San Francisco and breakfast.  Or maybe a nice movie over good food? And wine!

You might meet some fun people.  Like we did!  This private chef, Anatoly Ashe, who I thought had a great sense of humor 🙂

Got to love New York City.  And the food. And the people.  Cheers!










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