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Spice NYC Thai Restaurant Dumplings

Been there. Done that. Over 40 times, I guess.

This place was only slightly off my way to NYU Astor Place where I interned for a semester – a patent lunch spot for me.

The Union Square location is the one I have frequented. And have always stuck like a barnacle to either Pad Thai or the Drunken Man Noodles. Only once did I try the black noodles there – Broad Noodles with black bean sauce. One of the best pad thai I have had in the city. Same goes for the drunken man noodles. For the appetizers, I’ve tried the green salad with peanut dressing – I love good peanut dressings, and the one here’s good. But, for the greater number of times, I’ve gone with the vegetarian dumplings.

Ignorance is bliss. I was not cognizant of the fact that more often than not, fish sauce is a constituent in the vegetarian dishes in many east Asian restaurants. Too late to catch and arrest it.

Been there with different groups of friends – with everybody liking it. Visited the East Village location once, too. No change, in terms of the food.

One specific memory I have of this place is going for a Saturday lunch with the husband, the husband gets a long island iced tea, gets high and romantic ­čÖé You’d say good for me, I say.. not exactly ­čśë

Full of pep ambience. Easy on the pocket dinners. Even more marked down lunches.

Four stars for the food.

Vegetable dumplings

Spice NYC Thai Restaurant Dumplings


Drunken man noodles.

Spice NYC Thai Restaurant Drunken Noodles



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