Sooo Vegi

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It was good to find a not-Chinese-only vegetarian place, Sooo Vegi 素食主意.

IMG_20180301_131141_Bokeh While I went in wanting to try their wraps or non-Chinese food, ended up ordering mapo tofu. They explicitly used the term Sichuan and the person taking my order warned me of it being very spicy.

Imagine my disappointment when it didn’t look spicy. And the Sichuan fiery taste – far from it. On asking for any spicy sauce, she led me to their black pepper powder on the counter. And tabasco!

The tofu was good and the rice, well cooked, hearty grains separated yet that slight stickiness to each other. But, that Sichuan spicy mapo tofu, nope. I was mighty disappointed.

IMG_20180301_130621 IMG_20180301_131135_Bokeh
IMG_20180301_131141_Bokeh IMG_20180301_131153_Bokeh
IMG_20180301_131149_Bokeh IMG_20180301_131156_Bokeh

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