Some More Handvo

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Some More Handvo

Handvo given a shot last evening with more vegetables and no baking soda.

It was a thick batter to which I added grated gourd (lauki), carrots and a tempering of urad dal, daliya, green chilies, curry leaves, ginger and garlic.

I realized the ‘no baking soda’ wasn’t a good option when the handvo was hardly done even after 40 minutes. I let it bake for another 35 minutes, turned the oven off and lit it sit there for another hour or so.

When I got it out of the oven, it had left the outer ring of the bundt pan but was stuck on the inner cylindrical thing. Using s silicon spatula, i loosened it but while flipping, the bottom had stuck to the pan.

The handvo seemed to be cooked but was very dense. This is how it looked. I wasn’t happy with the tempering I did, so can’t vouch for the taste either.

So while it didn’t taste bad, it was dense. I guess a pinch of baking soda won’t hurt anyone 🙂


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