Sin Tak Fook Vegetarian

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Sin Tak Fook Vegetarian Restaurant Mong Kok Hong Kong

After attending the first school tour ever for our child at Stamford American School, we taxied our way to Ahimsa Buffet in Mong Kok which was all packed and so ended up at Sin Tak Fook.

It’s your average vegetarian Chinese place, though it had a few Japanese and Italian offerings too. After getting in and confirming they were indeed vegetarian, we got ourselves seated.

The menu was clearly marked with the things that had eggs and could be removed. We went with a couple of sushi rolls, a sweet sour stir fry with mock duck and vegetables, and lamb skewers with satay sauce.

One was an avocado roll, which were mini sushi / maki bites, with a small bite of avocado. Nothing to not like here.

The second roll that I’d ordered wasn’t the one that arrived, but I didn’t make a deal of it. It tasted great, with a creamy sauce topped over sushi that included mock shrimp, avocado, asparagus, shredded cucumber and mango. The taste was great.

The mock meat in the stir fry looked dangerously real, not the usual mock duck I’m used to eating at Thai restaurants. This was more tender, looked a little black-ish on the outside. As I ate it, I kept praying it’s not mould over stale food. It’s the day after and I’m not sick, so I figure it was all OK. The taste was your typical sweet-sour sauce, with pineapple, tomatoes and coloured peppers.

The satay was soy protein, topped with a generous serving peanut sauce that was chunky and nice.

A spicy sauce served as a nice dimension for the sweet stir-fry that we ate with steamed rice.

A decent dinner. I’d recommend trying a variety of rolls as I haven’t seen a lot of vegan options here in Hong Kong, yet.

Sin Tak Fook Vegetarian Sushi Hong Kong Mong Kok

Sin Tak Fook Vegetarian Vegan Satay Mong Kok Hong Kong

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