Simplylife – Causeway Bay

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Simplylife – Causeway Bay

By the array of restaurants at Food Walk in Causeway Bay, we stopped by here, because of the lack of interesting vegetarian options at other places. Not that this one had very many, but it looked most appealing amongst the others.

yogurt fig cake simplylife causeway bay hong kong dessert

We were able to get a table around 7 PM that Saturday evening, with hardly a wait, so that was a plus. The place had that contemporary, sleek look and feel.

We ordered the two things that looked vegetarian and confirmed with our server. They were both described as organic brown rice, with the vegetables. I didn’t imagine both of those to be risottos, especially the pumpkin chestnut one, which would’ve made a nice fried rice.

One of those, we upgraded to be a set, which came with a salad and wine, for only HKD 48.

The bread was warm, toasty, soft and fresh.

The risottos – al-dente style, with too-chewy a bite for our liking. The pumpkin one had a sweet-ish flavour, unsurprisingly. Liked that crunchy texture of the chestnuts in there.

The mushroom risotto was subtly truffle-y.

And we went with two dessert pastries – fig yogurt cake, and the other was green tea. They were chiffon cakes with fresh cream. Light and tender.

The display of all the desserts did catch my eye, but these days, I feel that pang of guilt when I’m going for non-vegan or ovo-vegetarian foods. And with today’s meal, it was everything we had – from the cheese and cream laden risottos to those full of egg and cream desserts.

The salad, probably was the only vegan thing there, and I liked how it looked and tasted fresh. Most places, have those pre-cut pieces of onions, cucumbers and tomatoes that look a tad bit dehydrated, but this was good. The tangy vinaigrette and the poppy seeds, perfect for a summer evening.

simplylife causeway bay hong kong bread
simplylife causeway bay hong kong salad
simplylife causeway bay hong kong risotto
simplylife causeway bay hong kong pumpkin risotto

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