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The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is apparently thronged during the Chinese New Year, for good luck and making wishes come true. While we didn’t get to visiting it then, I went there this past Friday. It was a beautiful Friday and I thought of exploring the Kong.

It is a big, beautiful temple, which has all the feng shui elements in place, apparently. I was quite fascinated by the Chinese zodiac animals skirting what was probably the main entrance to the temple.

The temple is lined with shops selling feng shui stuff on the outdoors, and fortune telling shops indoors.

And there was a quaint little Chinese pond/garden called ‘good luck garden’.

After quick walks around here, being on the lookout for a little turtle/tortoise, I entered the Temple Mall, only to quickly realize I may not be able to find it there. But what I did find was this place that looked quite nice.

And they had a clearly marked vegetarian menu. So in I went. Their lunch specials looked very reasonable, but only one vegetarian option, which I wasn’t keen on. Plus, I wasn’t sure if the soup they’d include in the special would be vegetarian or not.

So I went ahead and ordered these tri-colored noodles from the dim sum section. Not realizing they’d be cold, I was a bit disappointed when they arrived so quickly, and cool. But that feeling quickly vanished when I tasted them. They were superb.

The taste was on point, and the noodles texture – chewy and all that – perfect. It wouldn’t be wrong to say I wolfed them down after drizzling it with the chili oil I asked for, but they were perfectly good, even without it.

Some tea to go with it and it was a nice light lunch. And a beautiful morning spent.

Google Maps isn’t that advanced here in Hong Kong, I guess. It didn’t give me the bus option that I finally went with, which was the easiest. From Midlevels on Caine Road, bus 103 was the easiest, with only a short walk from the stop near Wong Tai Sin station, if you aren’t looking for transfers. MTR is what I took back, and that was fairly straightforward, to Central.


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