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Seed + Mill

Last Wednesday, I was invited for a tasting event at Seed + Mill.

I quite loved the name. And their food too! If you like tahini, I’m sure you’ll love their offerings.

The halva was something quite different, yet familiar. Monica, one of the co-owners spoke passionately about how they had the idea for this and how they started working on this project sometime over a year ago.

I learnt from Monica that they get their halva from Israel. Halva making is a tedious process. It involves a lot of stirring. I figured that recently when I tried making some almond halva at home.

So from some more online reading, it tells me that ones the sweet + tahini is heated, stirred and homegenized, cooling it off helps forming the sugar crystals. And that gives it a sohan-papdi style taste. Sohan-papdi is prepared using gram flour (chickpea flour), clarified unsalted butter and sugar.

A lot of them were vegan, some, vegetarian with dairy used as an additional source of fat and for some creaminess. Sugar or honey could be used to sweeten the halva. I missed asking them what was it that they used?

They had a whole array of flavors, nothing overpowering, including coffee, chocolate, ginger, rose, pistachio, cinnamon and so on.


And these little bites that they served, tahini halva panini tasted quite good, with that touch of saltiness in the bread, and warm and soft and smooth and sweet tahini in the center.

I tried their thick tahini spreads too – with and without the shell. And they both tasted great. The shells, giving it a deeper shade, and more nutrition. Lisa, the other co-owner explained that to us. 
Adding oil, garlic and some greens and it was a rich and creamy dip.

 The vegan tahini truffles were the stars, I guess. They were super smooth and soft.

 And then you had the chocolate and halva brownies, which were nice too.

 I think they’re a great healthy option for satisfying that big sweet tooth that I have! Do you know about some of the benefits of sesame seed?

And some tahini goat milk sof serve.  The tahini taste was extremely subtle and I couldn’t tell it.

It was a fun event and I enjoyed their offerings and loved chatting with the friendly people there.  You might, too!


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