Saxon + Parole

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Saxon + Parole

So, we continued at Saxon + Parole after Madam Geneva, as planned.

Again, disappointment is what we got with the food. The place was very snappy and uber cool and contemporary. The bathrooms, as Zagat mentioned, were ‘cute’ too.





My ricotta gnudi was not the best I’d eaten. First, the cheese was sharp. Since when has ricotta been sharp? Second, the peas weren’t well cooked – not that I couldn’t eat them, but they weren’t baby peas in the first place and they weren’t tender in the second, even after cooking.


The chocolate souffle was more like a warm chocolate cake, slightly bitter and dark. Worth trying, but not life-changing.


I’d recommend the place for drinks and ambience, but not for food. Sw was not happy with his salmon as much but A liked his Atlantic cod.

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