Satori Cafe

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This inviting vegetarian place in Malmö, Sweden was one of the more memorable meals I had during my Scandinavian visit earlier this May.

I usually don’t plan to spend a lot of time on lunches if I’m travelling – breakfast and dinner, so that we can capitalize during the daylight as much as we can. But we hadn’t had a breakfast this morning, so stopped for a quick bite. And it was a good decision.

The cafe vibe is very urbane and trendy. The place is perfect for chatty conversations, or romantic dates. We ate a vegan quiche sort of a thing, a muffin. And had a glass of wine and coffee.

It was around 3 PM and the husband joked if it was too late for coffee or too early for wine. Well, it’s never too early for wine :p

The photos were lost with my phone, sigh! The photo on the cover is from their website.

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