Sarkies Corner

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Sarkies Corner Hotel E&O George Town Penang Malaysia Restaurant

Sarkies Corner, as the name suggests, is this quiet and big outpost of Sarkies at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel where I’d put up for my Malaysia.

It was past 21:00 by the time I got there, and that was because Sarkies only had a buffet, which I knew wouldn’t be much use for me. At first glance, it looked more like a dessert place, but on inquiring they confirmed that they have vegetarian food. The first server said there wasn’t anything vegetarian, so I just asked for the dessert menu. Then, the manager, I’d assume came in and said they’ll be able to dish out something vegetarian.

He then proceeded to recommend the stir-fry noodles, forgot what it’s called, but I could describe them as a fancier version of Maggi Goreng. Noodles with chunky vegetables, sprouts and some greens on top. Tased OK. I confirmed that it’d be vegetarian and not spicy, hoping the child would dig in a bite or two. But nah!

They didn’t look that appetizing but had I been hungrier, I might’ve gotten through it.

Also got some cheesecake kind of a dessert for the hungry, tired sleepy child but he didn’t fancy much of that either. Such a shame that I can’t recollect the name of that dessert either.

Both of us ended up playing with the food before calling it quits and deciding to rather sleep.

The place was rather quiet that Monday evening and there was only one other party of four seated there besides us. So it was quite a nice set-up for a romantic or intimate or conversational evening. But, if you are a foodie, like me, eat elsewhere. Penang is Mecca for great food.

If I had more company and time, I would rather have eaten out at a local restaurant.

George Town Penang Malaysia Noodles Sarkies Corner

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