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Wonder why this post is coming so late here.

The second restaurant that we visited here in Hong Kong. And the one that we’ve been frequenting since. I’m an idli snob (because I make kick-ass ones at home), and this place serves it great. Soft, pillowy, white.

Good dosas. Good uttappams, though at one time, they were unsalted.

Look no further for your Southern Indian food cravings.


IMG_20171125_135422 IMG_20171125_135447
IMG_20171125_135458 IMG_20171125_135858
IMG_20170811_192237 IMG_20170811_192250
IMG_20170811_192253 IMG_20170811_192311
IMG_20170807_193855 IMG_20170807_193858
IMG_20170807_193900 IMG_20170807_193903
IMG_20170807_193911 IMG_20170807_193913
IMG_20170807_193917 IMG_20170807_194043
IMG_20170807_194327 IMG_20170807_194330
IMG_20170807_194416 IMG_20170807_194653

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