Saigon Etoile Vietnamese Street Food

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Saigon Etoile Vietnamese Street Food

On my way to a self-grooming appointment, bought off Hokobuy, I chanced by Saigon Etoile cafe / restaurant. A quick look at the menu, one vegetarian banh mi and I were sold to give it a shot.

The self-grooming service disappointed me, but the food here did not. They toasted the baguette, and it was simple yet delicious.
Sauteed tofu with turmeric and onions, topped with fresh carrots, coriander and pickled radish.

It was a quick and satisfying lunch! The look and feel of the place were lively and colourful too. And their butter paper on which they served the sandwich was printed – cutesy! The little joys of life!

I saw them serving the condensed milk coffee, drip style.

Vegetarian Banh Mi Saigon Etoile

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