Rosie Jean’s Cafe

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IMG_20170924_163333 Going by the facade, I wasn’t going to go inside this place. But it so happened yesterday that the husband didn’t eat breakfast or lunch and it was past 3 and he was starving. So we came in here at Rosie Jean’s Cafe after some house hunting.

A couple of cozy sofas right as you get in, it looked a bit better than how I judged by the looks from outside. Some tables and all. Good so far. Book swap arrangement in there as well.

After finishing our meal, I went further inside and saw the place opened up to a terrace which had more seating and plenty of toys and kids stuff. So, it makes it a superb welcome place for the parents to have a good time while the kids can be on their own.

Food wise, it was nothing great. The husband ordered pancakes, a cucumber cream cheese sandwich and I got an avocado smoothie.

The smoothie was smooth but had no sugar whatsoever. I asked for simple syrup.

The pancakes I didn’t taste and am not sure if they were made to order or were from a frozen pack.

The sandwich was made on toasted bread. The cream cheese was too light. The cucumbers, too thin. While thin slices is a good thing, they should’ve layered it more. It felt too much bread and too little of everything else. And the bread was barely toasted. You couldn’t tell it was toasted by it’s color. First bite and I thought the bread was stale and that’s why tasted stiff.

I was left un-impressed with the food and the beverage didn’t impress me much either. Small packs of syrup and butter meant high carbon footprint. The pancakes were served in Ikea plastic plates. While I understand it was for kids, they can do with the more eco friendly bamboo plates or the now popular wheat straw stuff, perhaps?

However, it’s a great place to sit with the kids, especially if you want to chat peacefully, not at home and don’t have a sitter arrangement 🙂

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