River 川之源

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River 川之源

I think I may have brought down the curtain on my pursuit for some authentic mapo tofu with River 川之源, a Sichuan restaurant in Sai Ying Pun.

Vegan Mapo Tofu Hong Kong

I’m not sure how long it’s been around, but this was where I walked past, say four days a week while we stayed at One Eleven service apartments a month into moving in Hong Kong.

And it took me another fourteen months to venture here. It was on a recommendation from someone on one of the Facebook groups for the vegans in Hong Kong.

Call it ironic, but this Chinese place by my WPP office in New York used to serve some WOW mapo tofu. So, ever since moving to Hong Kong, I was trying to find something similar. I’ve tried a bunch of places, and nothing came close to what I used to get back in New York!

Sad as it was, I couldn’t waste one of my five days in the ciy when I visited NYC this past October on a Chinese meal, though it did cross my mind to just get that mapo tofu and those dan dan noodles!

But the sadness didn’t last for long. I finally got to try some better-than-what-I’d-eaten-that-far mapo tofu at Chilli Fagara (post to follow). And a few weeks later, I came here.

One look at the plate when it was served and I knew I was in good hands. One bite into it and I had tears of happiness in my eyes :p

Never have I ever been happier seeing such a greasy dish :p

It wasn’t as spicy as I’d wanted, BUT, it was great. The authentic mapo tofu, as I know it. Non-vegans, roll your eyes!

It did bring me all the memories of my NYC’s Mapo Tofu’s mapo tofu! And I wasn’t sure if I should wait to finish it off before sending a thank you note to the kind lady who suggested this place or not.

And the shameless foodie in me cleaned up my plate with zero guilt. Oil and all.


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