Ristorante Belforte

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Ristorante Belforte

I believe I must’ve bookmarked this place for the views.  I didn’t recollect.  All of Vernazza, at least by the waters, looked touristy.  So I decided to try this place.  Even if it meant just whiling time, waiting for restaurant to open.

And boy, it did open.  To not very warm or friendly service.  And disappointing food to match.

If you read my earlier posts, you must know by now that they recommend trying pesto dishes in Cinque Terre.  They also say the best pasta to go with is the trofie, a thin twisted pasta, popular in the Liguria region.

So, I did all things they (blogs and public resources on the media) said I should and I was disappointed.

It started with people lining up (not really lining, but just standing) before it opened, to one of the servers being rude and joining hands and saying, “I will let you in, wait” in a very impolite manner and then the service not paying much attention and the food being only OK.  The spaghetti was way too al-dente (read undercooked for us – maybe that’s how they do it there, but I did find perfectly cooked pasta there too, that didn’t seem under cooked, so not sure what’s the norm), the sauce, only OK.

The trofie, al-dente (or less) again and only lightly seasoned with pesto.  The dull colour was enough to put me off.  And the taste didn’t do much to revive my interest.

And worth mentioning, like really worth – because it was so expensive – was this side of vegetables that we ordered.  Exactly 8 thin slices of roasted vegetables for EUR 7.  Things could’ve been worse.  It could’ve been a EUR a slice :p

Only thing exciting next was if we would be able to catch that next train back to La Spezia or we’d have to wait an extra hour.  Good thing was that we were able to catch it.


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