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Ribalta Pizza

If I tell people who know me (or so we can say), they’ll be surprised to hear me say that I feel shy to talk. Well, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. When I’ve had wine, I definitely don’t :p


I wasn’t sure if I should be at my shy behavior or my wine behavior for this evening. A lot of us in our group have had babies within the past year or so, and most were looking for little breaks from the whole baby jig we do everyday. Since most can’t plan a day or two away from the baby yet, a girls’ evening was decided on. And this place, to be a convenient gather point for all.

I ended up going with the flow and having a chatty (not too shy, not too loose) evening with the other girls. It was nice, fun. We had so much to talk about ourselves, that we could not even to gossiping and bitching about our (questionable) better halves. Or the in-laws. Guess, we have to do entire days and not just dinners to cover it all.

It was a good dinner with good food and good girls. Though we did not plan, we do think of having crazier nights amongst us. I’ll leave it at that for your imaginations to do their part.

The food met expectations and set a bar which the desserts did not quite meet. For me, the dishes of the evening were the eggplant parmigiana as the appetizer and the gnocchi for its flavorful pesto.

The spaghetti from Scarpetta is still on the forefront.  Do give the pizzas a try.  After eating all these thin & light crusts with great sauces and seasonings, it’s difficult to eat the papa johns and the dominos.  Not that I indulged in those, but I wouldn’t have minded a thin crust papa john’s once in a blue moon.

The service was here warm. So was the place, in terms of the set up. Contemporary casual should do justice describing the vibrant and subtly furnished ambience.















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