Restaurante Terra

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Restaurante Terra

After a whole lot of walking, which included uphill and stairs and lifting baby K in the stroller, we build a good appetite by the time we got to Restaurante Terra.

The first staff member welcomed us in.  The second one rolled his eyes and shook his head, and very conspicuously at that.  It was around 2:26 PM on this Saturday, November 14.  The kitchen supposedly closed at 3 PM, I guess that’s why this second staff member was not so pleased seeing us.

But, one – there was a buffet.  Two, there weren’t that many people.  I don’t know how many is too many, but by New York standards, there certainly weren’t enough.

I was having second thoughts of whether I did the right thing by spending all the time finding this place to be welcome like this, but when I saw the spread, I was relieved.  So many vegetarian options and they all looked good.  My heart danced.  Well, my tummy did too.

They had a beautiful garden seating and we were glad to be there with baby K with the mess that he would eventually make.

The food was good, my drink was great – rum, lots of sugar, plenty of lime juice and limes.  The husband’s wine was a-OK.  I knew of this one cocktail to order, when I asked the same rolling-his-eyes server of a recommendation, he shrugged his shoulders and made a face so bad that it SCREAMED ‘whatever’.  O boy!  If this were US, I might not have left a tip.

The other staff seemed friendly, maybe this one was just having a bad day.

Coming back to the food, it was good.  We had a good time.  Baby K had a better time making all the mess and trying to eat the spaghetti pasta and all that jazz.  The drink definitely helped in lightening things up 🙂

They had a whole array from lots of salads to beans to greens to rice to stuffed puff pastry to noodles to fried eggplant and all.  With a less than friendly server and more to do in the day, we decided to skip dessert, very unlike me.

Stay tuned for the stories and photos from this day in Lisbon.

In the meantime, here are the restaurant and the food photos from that late lunch 🙂

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