Restaurant La Sirène

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Restaurant La Sirène

A simple no frills dinner, because it was getting late for baby K and we were feeling guilty about pushing his dinner so late for the past couple of days.

We could have done better, yes.  This was like the popular touristy line, but the pizza was one of the better ones I had during this 9ish day trip to Scandinavia in May 2015.  And the pasta was heartily loaded with vegetables.

It was COLD and we sat out, with IKEA throws wrapped around us.  Gives you a whole new perspective!  I mean people keep complaining about the cold weather.  In New York, at least it’s relatively warmer from there.  I saw how rather than complaining, make the best from what you are given.  It’s ‘summer’ and it’s cold.  No problem.  Wrap a throw/ blanket and still enjoy dining al fresco! 

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