Ravagh Persian Grill

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Ravagh Persian Grill

Sufficient and flavorsome appetizers for vegetarians. The one that we didn’t like were the sambusaks. The vegetarian platter was no great deal either, the green rice was done in clarified butter, though – could get as a side. The grilled vegetables didn’t quite appease.

This Friday evening, it was really just going to be the hubster and I. We decided to check with Sa&An, who decided to join. Then the hubster decided to ask Ab&Ma and they agreed too, alongwith their brother Sa. We ended up waiting for about 45 minutes for a table, but had a nice evening. The place looked more interesting and busier than I’d imagined. The second level looked more chic, but we couldn’t secure a table there. We sat at the lower level, for a good time, did not stop rubbish banter and enjoyed our dinner.

Must try could be the fruit sorbets. We had the peach one and it was refreshing!


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Ravagh Persian Grill
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