Raines Law Room

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Raines Law Room

Great great speakeasy!

If they ask you whether you would be OK to stand at the bar area, please say yes. That’s the classiest place of the lounge. To me, it looked straight out of a movie set, adorned with flowers, fruits, picture frames and their liquor cabinets. They’ve got private couches which can be covered with transparent curtains for semi-privacy and a romantic duel, a small seating area besides that, but the back room is the place to be.



The cocktail list is way beyond my comprehension, but I was in mood for something chocolatey, which they did not have. I went for my favourite absinthe, otherwise, with lime and mint. Fennel seeds in any form, I think I love. The husband got a smoked whiskey drink which smelled out of the world.


And oh!, the place smelt fresh, not boozy, in spite of lack of windows.

They take reservations for Sunday through Tuesday, accept walk-ins otherwise.

Five Stars.


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