Rachel’s Taqueria

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Rachel’s Taqueria

A funky shack, Rachel’s Taqueria!

I ordered the mole enchiladas. The burrito the lady sitting next to me ordered on the bar is probably the largest burrito I’ve seen so far.

As I wait for my order, the complimentary chips and salsa arrive. The salsa is yum. The first Mexican salsa that had scallions instead of onions. I ate all of the salsa.

Very shortly, one corn and one spinach enchilada(s) arrived. Not the typical enchiladas that were baked but slightly warmed up with freshly grated cheese. The stuffing was simple, the sauce was slightly sweet – chocolatey mole. Though I doubt it was chocolate. The rice and beans on the side were alright.

A decent server, super quick dinner and I’m on my way home to Newport from Brooklyn after a regular working day in the city. And did I tell you it’s only 6:30 🙂




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