Qi – House of Sichuan

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Qi – House of Sichuan

A friend and I lunched at Qi – House of Sichuan the week before last.

I got a glance at their interiors which looked chic Chinese, but for lunch, they seated us far outside to basic views. (Gosh, the way I’m talking :|)

It came recommended by very many people so we decided to give it a shot. It’s also one Michelin starred.

But, I still like River‘s mapo tofu the best here in Hong Kong.

I got the lunch set – with vegetarian mapo tofu and bang bang wontons. A raspberry cocktail.

The raspberry cocktail – very refreshing, fruity, tasty.

The bang-bang wontons – bang on point with their peanut sauce. It was an absolute party in the mouth. And if I had to eat raw vegetables, that’d be my dressing of choice. I was with someone, else, I would’ve licked my plate clean, it was that good. The wontons themselves could’ve done with thinner wrappers?

The mapo tofu, while very good didn’t have that Sichuan pepper kick. And that left me thinking hard that there are so many places that do mapo tofu that is much more saucy and corn starch-y that I probably just prefer the mapo tofu from a different region in Sichuan. The way River does it. The way New York City’s Mapo Tofu does it.

I must say I would’ve been happier if we got to seat inside that chic dining room, but the food left me happy nevertheless.

Their version of the kimchi was as delicious – sweet, spicy and vegetarian!

And one of these days, I’ll pay it’s sister restaurant Qi – Nine Dragons a visit to get some of them Hong Kong views along with the bang-bang wontons 🙂

Dumplings Qi
Mapo Tofu Qi
Raspberry Cocktail Qi

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