Qdoba Mexican Grill

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Qdoba Mexican Grill

Not the first time I’ve been here, not the last time I’ll go there.
Having tried Chipotle first, I’ve always had a spot for their burrito bowl over anybody else’s 🙂

Much to my dismay, just when I was craving them a lot when I was pregnant, I realized that their New York locations had shut down and only their Jersey locations were open. Much to my happiness, they opened a shop at the Newport mall, where I walk from everyday to and from work and city.

With Qdoba, I gave it a shot too. It was good. Better, was their tortilla soup. And their fiery salsas that add a kick to that hot bowl of soup. I love a dollop of guacamole in that too, though the soup by itself doesn’t come with it. A little bit of cheese, a touch of sourcream and their salsas and I’m all set. I skip the tortilla chips. One of teeny-weeny ways to retain the healthy touch. Or whatever.

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Qdoba Mexican Grill

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