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Ah! What a disappointment to go there and discover that do not have a full-service bar.  No sambuca for me that evening.  The second reason was that it’s a fancy place.  Not many options for vegetarians, but the place is class.

On a weekday, Wednesday, I called my husband to check if he’d be interested in going someplace for dinner.  He said yes.  The other plan with the gang was to go for a movie, which I was made aware of later.  So he said no to the movie and yes for the dinner? Should that make me glad or should that make me glad? 🙂

For those not getting the point, he’s a a movie fiend and it must’ve meant a great deal to him.

After having to wait for about 30 minutes, without prior reservations, we went right through the fancy area to be seated at the bar/ communal table. When I asked our server to get me started with sambuca, you know what they said 🙁

I went for a wine instead – a white mix called vatista.

The ambience was classic – three different styles/ looks I would say – a dimly lit area that you usually see from the floor-to-ceiling glass wall; the bar area which was not too contemporary, not too antique, with granite counter; and the third was a well lit greek style (blue and white) sitting area with sofa and cushions.

They started us with warm bread and a bean dip.  The bean dip was cold and bland – the bread was thin, fresh, well cooked.

A good place is always a good place.  We ordered three appetizers to share.  First was the artichoke moussaka.  It was baked to the perfect temperature and texture.  Hot enough, yet not so much as to burn your mouth – apparently, that is how moussaka is supposed to be served.

Moussaka is primarily sliced  eggplant cooked with layers of tomatoes,  meat, and a white sauce (bechamel which is extensively also used in French and Italian cooking).  The moussaka is quite a popular middle eastern dish.  The layer on the top in this dish that you see here was the meatless bechamel sauce they offered.  It was baked to a nice shade of brown, without it turning crispy.

Next up were the giant beans cooked in tomato sauce drizzled with a touch of honey and topped of with dill.  This was relatively subtly flavoured.  They didn’t overdo any of the ingredients, so it tasted just fine.  Beans are a great source of protein for the vegetarians.

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