Pygmalion Økocafe & Galleri

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Pygmalion Økocafe & Galleri

This nice cafe in Bergen, Norway was one of the few bookmarked places that I visited during my travel there.

They had a wide array of vegetarian options, from appetizing stir frys to hearty lasagnas. I chose a burger. Had I known a burger is what I’ll get over the next couple of days, I’d have gone with a stir fry. But, no regrets on this one. The burger was quite good. Flavorful, with hummus as a spread.

A very hearty patty loaded with vegetables.  And loved the roasted potatoes with the pesto.  Great flavors.  The potatoes were so good and I was so greedy to slop so much of it, though the plan was to save most of the potatoes for baby K, who had been particularly picky on what to eat.

The almond daim cake, served warm was a simple cherry-on-the-cake.

Had a satisfying lunch here.  Had it not been for the time crunch, I would have enjoyed the place better.  Company would’ve added to it.

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