Pure Veggie House

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The first thing I do when I have to go to a new place is bookmark restaurants and eateries. Before accommodations. Before things-to-do.

Pure Veggie House was bookmarked and it was a great convenience to know it was next door. All I had to do was open my map of bookmarks and know that. And off we went to our leisurely lunch here.

After Tokyo for the past three weeks, the place was quite a change. Fairly huge. Loud. Lots of kids. Though the setup of the place was fairly quiet, it was busy.

And the menu was huge, not just limited to vegetables. I cannot express enough the joys of getting to order whatever we want without having to confirm and reconfirm of any animal based products in the meal, in a language we don’t know 🙂

Our elaborate meal had dim sum – of course! Fried rice for the child and mapo tofu. And some wontons in sweet spicy chilli sauce.

The dim sum was superb. Thin and translucent to the point of being almost entirely transparent. The fried rice was simple but tasted great. The mapo tofu didn’t have that Sichuan spicy zing to it.

We, nevertheless, polished it all off. With jasmine tea on the side.

Certainly a place to visit with groups, but they have little low seated tables too, if you want a date meal.

Fairly quick service and I know I mentioned the language, but our server spoke English.

I know I’ll be visiting here again.

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Untitled IMG_20170729_135521
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