Things: HumanGear GoBites

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Things: HumanGear GoBites

I was very excited to receive the GoBites from HumanGear a couple of weeks back, just in time for my Memorial Day Weekend holiday.

These are neat, durable nylon cutlery that are travel-friendly. They come with a lifetime warranty.  What more can you ask.  Though I’m more of a stainless-steel person, actually to be honest, more of the real silverware person – yes, I love my cutlery and eating utensils in actual silver, it would be some burden to carry them while traveling, right?

These GoBites come handy if you’re also conscious of the environment and cringe everytime you add to the carbon footprint by using a disposable plastic piece of utensil!  I’ve only used them a few times, but they seem very sturdy.

You have a few earthy colours to choose from, and also a few options based on how much (or little) you want to carry.

Uno – A fork and a spoon, two in one.

Duo – A fork and a spoon, two separate utensils, capable of being locked together

Trio – A fork, spoon and a knife.  And they they send it with a little toothpick too.  How cute is that!  And that storage case is just perfect to carry them on the go.

On my want-to-try-list next, GoToob and GoTote

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