Portugal Ways Alfama River Apartments

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After much debating between hotels, airbnbs and all, and for the want of having a private bath, I ended up with this place.  I booked it on booking.com.

Factors – the location, that would make me cover a certain part of Lisbon that was on my to-do list, price, convenience and all.

After I booked it and made a request for an early check-in, they told me that I wouldn’t be able to do that as they need time to clean.  Fair enough.  On inquiring about being able to leave the luggage there, they told me that I wouldn’t be able to do that either, until 11 AM or when the earlier guests had departed.

Well, that sounded fair enough too, but not convenient.  Their office is located at a different location, not so close from this one.  They offered to let us keep our luggage there which meant making at least two trips – one to keep the luggage, and one to pick it up.

Left with no choice, we did exactly that.  The good part was that their office was fairly close to the Intendente subway station, where we got to, from the airport.  In the evening, we ubered our way to here and then to the apartment.

The staff was polite and friendly.  I don’t remember the names of the people I spoke to, but they were warm and welcoming.

The location is in Alfama, and what was one of the narrowest lanes for driving, our Uber driver told us.  It was fun.

They gave us a code which we had to use to get into the building and in to the apartment.  The place was as in pictures, neat and clean.

There wasn’t body soap, just hand soap, as they’d mentioned, but I wonder how much difference would it make to provide soap too?  I understand it adds up, but doesn’t the convenience of not having to carry one make one more willing to opt for this space?

After my husband took the shower, I gave about 15 minutes before stepping in, but the hot water just wouldn’t come.  I ended up taking a cool shower because it was past midnight and we had a 7 AM train to catch next morning.

The place is walkable from the Santa Apolonia station and to a few other must-do spots in Lisbon.

We even fleetingly saw a Hindi movie on the TV in the living room, which I never would’ve otherwise, as we were packing and getting ready for the next day.

They provided linen and towels.  A decent apartment complete with a dining table, sofa, bedroom, bed, bath and kitchen that I would recommend.  Was relieved to take off my shoes and let baby K have his own bit of fun without having to worry much.  But the soap and shampoo!

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