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Does it make you happy when little things fell in place, just like that?

I’m quite happy being the laid-back person that I am, but not a laid-back mother as much. I’d made a mental note of the child’s school year photograph day but should’ve known better to put it on the calendar. Needless to say, this Monday morning I completely forgot about that, dressed up the childlike usual and off we went for his drop off.

While chatting with the teacher, she reminded me that it was the photograph day today. And there I was thinking to myself damn! I could have used a comb for his hair than my fingers. But at least he’s wearing a white shirt! That’s what I was planning for him for the photo day.

A little disappointed that his hair would be a bit dishevelled, I walked out with a little smile knowing at least he’s wearing the exact clothes I’d wanted him to wear 🙂

The other thing that brought a smile to my face this weekend was yesterday’s lunch at POP vegan. The child and I were all set to go out to the Tong Chong Street Market but it was raining, so we came back. made this reservation for an hour later and off we went for lunch.

We ordered three of their signature dishes – cauliflower cake, teriyaki soba noodles and vegan crab burger.

The cauliflower cheese with potatoes, almonds and some quinoa was absolutely delish. fried to perfection with a very crispy exterior and soft cooked interior. Simple dish done right, subtle flavours, small salad on the side. It would’ve been exemplified with a nice lip smacking sauce or chutney.

The crab burger had a lot of curry coleslaw. While tasty, the coleslaw overpowered with the sheer quantity of it. The ratio of the patty to the slaw was skewed. And that was my only complaint.

The teriyaki soba noodles were colder than room temperature. Not sure if their intentions were to serve them cold. I doubt because the pan-fried teriyaki tofu, which was superb, the roasted pumpkin and other vegetables were warm.

Loved the industrial look and feel of the place. The food, while good, didn’t hit a home run.

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