Pimnara Boutique Hotel

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Hotels & Accomodations: Pimnara Boutique Hotel

IMG_20171215_195710 What’s in a name? The word boutique may catch your eye, but the place is not all that boutiquey, from what I saw.

The hubster booked this hotel. Oh, and he booked an entire trip after five years or so, without an iota of help from me. Drumroll!

Long story short, his sister and cousin were visiting and he chose to take matters in his hands. And I was glad(?) to wash mine.

The room we had had these wire flowers and decorations pinned to the wall, colored in the same color as the wall. Low maintenance and didn’t look as that bad, I say. Based on the pictures I saw online, most of the rooms had similar basic style – long wooden benches, wooden table for TV cabinet, and antique-ish bedside tables.

The room across that I got to glance at while it was being cleaned looked like a renovated one, with a huge bathtub in the room (well, I couldn’t locate the door). Ours had the simple bath that looked old. The sink area was old, rugged and worn out. The room was neat and clean otherwise, but the curtains, not so much.

Location wise, not sure how ideal it is, depending on your interests. We didn’t go to any beaches in Phuket and don’t plan to with our last day here being tomorrow. It’s next door to Jungceylon, if you want to mall-shop. Loads and loads of spas and shops and souvenirs and a food court. The mall’s good.

Plenty of touristy looking restaurants scattered so close. Taxi service available from your door to pretty much any destination you want.

Nice looking lobby. Simple reception desk. IMG_20171215_011658 IMG_20171215_011746 IMG_20171215_011757

IMG_20171215_011805 IMG_20171215_011838

IMG_20171215_011956 IMG_20171215_012147

IMG_20171215_012307 IMG_20171215_012332

IMG_20171215_012336 IMG_20171215_012344

IMG_20171215_012351 IMG_20171215_012353

IMG_20171215_012357 IMG_20171215_012407

IMG_20171215_012420 IMG_20171215_012429

IMG_20171215_012448 IMG_20171215_012454

IMG_20171215_012459 IMG_20171215_012523

IMG_20171215_195535 IMG_20171215_195535


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