Pierre Loti Chelsea

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Pierre Loti Chelsea

Stuffed cabbage ***



Pilaki ***

White beans with olive oil and carrots.  I guess you have to try hard to mess this up ;)20130915-103321.jpg


Finely chopped tomatoes with pepper paste and walnut, these tasted a tad bitter to me.20130915-103331.jpg

Lentil patties ***.5

Served cold, these were a pleasant surprise in taste.  Not oozing oil, these, I guess are a healthier take on patties.20130915-103343.jpg

Zucchini pancake ***

We liked this one, smooth and creamy (yes, not as crunchy) but was good on the tongue.20130915-103352.jpg




Not the best place to be, but if you want to go really casual and no frills, try.

P.S. If you have a better casual place in mind, you can go there before here ;)

Overall, I’ll give it a Nibble+.


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Pierre Loti Chelsea

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