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After the dinner, it turned up not on my top list, but it was good.

This was the first Friday dinner with friends since early August. My mother was visiting and for the past quarter to three months and we were occupied with her. Did I miss our Friday dinners? Yes. Did I miss the socializing? Yes. What I am going to miss the most is not being able to have wine for the next few months.

So this Friday, not the usual chums, but Ra&Am join us. As usual, with some anticipations, I’d made a reservation for 4 a day earlier, but because I wasn’t sure of the people, I didn’t confirm at the restaurant as a result of which we lost what might’ve been cozy booth seating for us. They made us aware of that when I called in the evening to confirm. After checking in with them, they mentioned, they usually expect you to confirm by noon on the day of the reservation at the very latest.

Ra&Am joined us in a very timely fashion. We ordered all the vegetarian sides they had on the menu, a salad to begin with, the only vegetarian tasting entree and a bottle of wine. The flavors were all distinct for the dishes and they complemented each other fairly alright. Yes, the sides complementing the sides 😉

With still some room for more food, the husband and the other three friends decided to repeat quinoa (who repeats unless it’s out of the world!?) and order a duck meatball app to share. I was saving my appetite for the dessert.

The doughnuts were worth saving appetite for, the sundae was a disappointment. I have to tell you, nothing beats India when it comes to ice cream sundaes. That I say, based on what I’ve eaten so far, of course.










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