Park Avenue

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Park Avenue

When the Alice’s Teacup folks told us at 12:45 that we might be seated by 4:45, we decided to be wiser and make a reservation.  Two other girls and I were starving and were not keen on going out of the way much (I could, but I don’t think they would, well yes if I insisted, but I didn’t want to).  So we went to Park Avenue (Winter) close by.

The place was on my radar, but I hadn’t checked the menu before.  Online, before visiting here, I quickly glanced and it showed good stuff, so I reserved.  But being a weekend, they served only pre-fix brunch menu.  Now that I am not a big fan of, since I don’t do whole eggs.  One of the other two girls didn’t, either.

You can tell that a place is cultured when they ask you if you would like to check-in your coat.  Well, in most cases.   In other cases, they don’t have enough room in the seating area and that’s why they ask 🙂

So, like I mentioned the pre-fix was a $35 per person affair, which it appeared that the other girls thought was too much.  But our server asked us to sit, anyway, poured us water, and then we felt bad to get up and leave.

I could see the awe on their faces as we entered the place and throughout the meal, and I was saying with a polite and non-harmful smirk in my head – hah! been there, done that, over and again.  Is that bad?



It was quite a few repetitions for us, in terms of the menu but I didn’t want to be the one insisting to try different things, since I am not a popular figure with the girls myself, so it was.

The sweet pastries to share ***
Not out of the park.

Housemade ricotta with and za’taar flavored bread, with a side of roasted grapes ****


Garden salad with winter frost vegetables ****
Great dressing, thinly shaved celery, radish and carrots and some brilliant root vegetables (called something like tallulah root that looked like a seafood)

Farro ***
Well prepared, but not as good as Four Seasons’.

Dessert ***
Rich chocolate mousse. Great job on this, with a hard chocolate shell encasing the mousse and little amounts of cake. This was the complement of the house for a little inconvenience in our meal, but they were quite apologetic and courteous about it. Talk about getting the hospitality right in the restaurant industry.

Overall, between Eat & Devour!


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