Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

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Otto! Mario Batali’s enoteca pizzeria was a disappointment. The wine list impressed, the pizzas did not. Though the crust was great, their margarita and marinara sauces were not speaking Italian. Thick, but sweet and lacked flavours. I actually tried making marinara sauce at home last week and I must say that was tastier than this.

That being said, the place has a chatty vibe to it and you can certainly pay a visit for good times with friends and family. The decor is bright red walls and great.  Good for groups.


Babbo better step up.

I’ll say the place is an eat.


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2 thoughts on “Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

  1. Agree with your assessment. I took a group of my three out of town girlfriends there a while back and the food was extremely underwhelming. The atmosphere is fun, so it is a shame. On the other hand, in Batali’s defense, all the food I’ve had at Eataly has been pretty awesome. Check it out if you haven’t been there yet.

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