Oporto & Pinhão

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Oh Porto! Oporto.  This was such a pretty city.  But I lost my mobile there on the first evening I spent there.  It was pick-pocketed.

I believe Porto is relatively under the radar; I think the same could or could not be said for Portugal overall.  Everytime I mentioned that I was planning to travel to Portugal, it was accosted with a ‘what’s to do there’!

I went there last November.  Aside from good weather, the pretty country was on my list.  I don’t know how it got there, but I’m glad it did.  Not that I covered all of it – it was only Lisbon (+Sintra) and Porto (+ Douro Valley’s Pinhão).

The two days that I spent between them two seemed a bit tight, with a toddler.  Another half-a-day would’ve given me satisfaction that I’d seen it nicely.  If visiting a lodge in Villa Nova de Gaia wasn’t or isn’t on your agenda, then you the one full day would suffice.  But I took a tour at one of the lodges there, and I recommend you do so too.  More for the views, than anything else.  See some detailed photos and read about my visit to a lodge there on my blog post https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/grahams-port-lodge/

So our day started with catching an early morning train from Lisboa to Oporto.  We stayed here – https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/hotels-accommodations-by-oporto/

After checking in, we went to eat an early lunch as we were hungry and hadn’t eaten a good dinner the previous evening or a breakfast this morning.  Lunch was at https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/2015/11/25/cultura-dos-sabores/

Then, we went strolling around Saint Anthony’s Church Congregados.  That, followed by a hike up on the Clérigos tower that offered pretty views of the city.   We walked a bit to Jardim do Infante Dom Henrique and then up ahead to catch the bus to Vila Nova de Gaia for the lodge visit.

Coming back, we got off on the other side of the bridge and decided to walk.  It was a pretty walk and we took oh-so-many-photos.  Baby K was on a Boba Baby Carrier. I take a few photos along the bridge. And keep putting the mobile back in the jacket pocket.

So, I take this one photo, put the phone in my jacket pocket. There’s one gentleman who seemed odd, singing and walking past me. Call it gut, that I found him odd. Less that 90 seconds later, I put my hand in my jacket pocket. And the phone is not there. Dazed and weak in the knees is how I felt. OK, weak in the knees might be an exaggeration, but I quickly traced my steps back in vain hope of finding my phone. I looked in the direction in which that odd singing gentleman (or not?) went, but he was gone too.

A conversation with a server at one of the restaurants there led me to the police station, who said there was little they could do.

I came home, sad and disappointed. So sad that we ate frozen pizza that day.

Thankfully, I’d backed up the photos the previous evening, so it was only this day’s worth of photos that I lost.

Next day, was an early morning train to Pinhão. Read more about my extremely fun time to and from there on my blog post – https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/quinta-das-carvalhas/

After getting back, we first went to https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/majestic-cafe/ and had a light meal. Then, wandered a little. Chanced upon this place – https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/hand-go-2/

Then were back in the Porto Cathedral area after strolling for an early dinner (like waiting for the restaurant to open and get in at 7PM).  And then walking by the popular Ribeira Square to be back home. This might’ve been covered yesterday, had the disappointment of losing my phone not taken a toll on me.  Dinner this night was at this Michelin starred place – https://thevegetarianvoyager.com/rui-paula-dop/

I’m going to be so careful on my upcoming trip to Italy in the next two weeks!

Until then, you checkout the Porto and Pinhao photos here.  Go ahead, turn up the music to enjoy the slideshow even more 🙂

Porto & Pinhao from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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