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This, really! Ouch at Oolaa is really what my stomach screamed on seeing this plate for something that had pesto!

What I imagined based on the description was a vibrant green plate with a generous serving of pesto topped on part baked, part smooth and soft gnocchi.

What I saw and got was this big plate of deep fried gnocchi with olives and greens, and a meagre drizzle of pesto.

The gnocchi itself was done well, a nice chewy texture having been fried – first of it’s trying for me. But what disappointed me was the pesto or the lack of it! I did ask for some more pesto and they gladly bought out another (albeit small again) portion in a little bowl.

The portion was huge and two people could easily share it with an appetizer.

They have lunch specials but risotto was the only vegetarian entree there which I didn’t want, so I went with a stand-alone pasta.

The place is huge, popular with families with kids for their brunch.

What was good was their service – and with a group of more than 15, they managed it pretty well.


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