Olaplex Hair Treatment

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Olaplex Hair Treatment

Getting the Olaplex hair treatment done at the Lakme salon here in Nagpur, the Ramdaspeth location.

Though I’d read online that they shampoo your first to clear off any grease, grime, dirt, my technician insisted it’s not necessary. He proceeded to apply the No.1 on my dirty, naturally oily, unwashed hair.

About fifteen minutes that took for the application, my hair doesn’t feel or look saturated by any means. I’m not sure if he is just saving the company money or this is how it should be, but online reading tells me you got to saturate it.

It’s a fifteen minute wait time till rinsing and shampooing it off before applying No.2

As I’m waiting, I’m pretty sure I’m inhaling that heavily processed Colin they’re using to clean up the salon so can’t comment on the Olaplex smell.

No.2 on my hair and another 15 minute wait. It looks ‘saturated’ now, with two products sitting on. I’m waiting, sniffing and sneezing smelling the Colin!

And they give you a product that’s due to expire in two months. Hmph.

Fifteen minutes later, my hair’s shampooed twice followed by a nice conditioning mask massaged into the hair.

Another 10 minute wait and it’s rinsed off, followed by a basic blow dry, without those round brushes.

It looks good and natural as off now and I have bought the No.3 at premium (compared to US prices). So we’ll see how the hair holds up.

I may try to squeeze in another salon treatment before I’m off to Hong Kong in less than a month, most likely a different salon.


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