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I chanced upon Oklava this past Sunday, unsure where to eat. Middle Eastern is always a yes, so I decided to give this a shot.

A little, neat looking place. Who possibly was the owner, guessed I was a vegetarian and pointed me to the vegetarian options. I was debating a wrap or salad, when he mentioned they also have rice bowls, so I went with that.

I asked him to make it spicy and he said he’ll give me the spicy sauce on the side.

After my food arrived, I asked him a second time and he pointed me to the sauces on the table. What was probably a mayo with the tiniest bit of harissa, by the looks of it. One taste and it was mild, let alone adding any punch to it.

The rice – only very slightly seasoned with salt. The falafels – strictly average, or less. The could’ve done with a bit more frying as well. The salad didn’t look dry and wilted so I’ll give a thumbs up for that.

While I was about to leave, he asked me how it was, and I mentioned it could’ve done with more seasoning and I would’ve appreciated some harissa. To that, he went, “Oh, you wanted that spicy. We have it. Next time I’ll give that to you.”

I was thinking, “Oh, yes, I wanted that. I asked you twice. And it didn’t occur to you then?”

He could assume I was a vegetarian. He couldn’t figure I needed the spicy sauce, after being explicitly asked. TWICE.

I could’ve asked one more time – I am the customer, I am paying, but that evening, I let it be. I left with a disappointing after taste. Sigh, hospitality and restaurant industry, sometimes, sigh!

Falafel Oklava

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