Ohm’s Cafe

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Two’s company but three is crowd at Ω ohms cafe&bar 順逆 珈琲酒館. A cute little industrial chic look cafe in Central.


We came here on a recent Saturday, wandering after K’s karate class on the other side of the island.

An americano with soy milk on the side for the hubster. The first place I’ve visited that presented an americano with any art!

Yuba, kimchi dressing on tofu was a little side. Tender tofu, and tasty but too little of the yuba / kimchi.

The salty pancakes with mushrooms, cheese and shredded soy hit the spot. The sauce / toppings were great, different from the sweet ones which I’m not a fan of. The pancakes were well done and soft.

We also got the green fettucine. The hubster loved it, I found it OK, and lacking some dimensions on the taste. Especially after those superb pancakes.

They have a very small kitchenette and it’s amazing how they could work off there, without dropping things.

Everything about the place tied together, being green, vegan, their wooden serve-ware. I quite liked that.

A two person team when we went, with one taking orders and taking care of the beverages, and the other the foods, it was quite a wait for us.

They sell pretty much what of what they serve, in a dried / canned form, so if you liked something and wanted to recreate it at home, you could.

IMG_20180120_123302 IMG_20180120_123304
IMG_20180120_123307 IMG_20180120_123314
IMG_20180120_123317 IMG_20180120_123333
IMG_20180120_123335 IMG_20180120_123339
IMG_20180120_123351 IMG_20180120_123825
IMG_20180120_124146 IMG_20180120_124428
IMG_20180120_124438 IMG_20180120_124441

And I say three’s a crowd because you’d be sitting in a line, most likely. Tiny tables and a tiny one with you meant some kicked things and spilt coffee and an angry father, with the mother having to step in, move over to the cemented counter and silo the husband from the child.

IMG_20180120_130851 IMG_20180120_130857
IMG_20180120_131056_Bokeh IMG_20180120_131058_Bokeh
IMG_20180120_132353_Bokeh IMG_20180120_132403

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