O Oh Farm – Suan Luang

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This festive place for dinner wasn’t a bad idea. It wasn’t that busy, big enough and very kid friendly. The child was sleepy when we came here, so the staff brought us a big pillow for him.

Enough options, good food and friendly service. I got the massaman curry, the husband – pad thai, and we got spring rolls.

Started with an apple pineapple juice for the child.

The curry was yummy. The fried potatoes took it to a whole new level. The rice was overcooked and didn’t have that bite to it.

The pad thai was very nice and was spicy and sweet – just the way I like it, but they used the thin vermicelli style noodles, not the flat ones. Otherwise, it was a good serve.

The spring rolls were crispy and I promise I couldn’t see a pinch of oil on the wrappers. Served with the basic sweet sauce. I prefer those plum ones.

It was good to be assured that the foods will be devoid of any fish / shrimp / oyster sauce, paste and the likes. Vegetarian has different meanings for different people 🙂

Again, very happy with the food and the place.

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IMG_20171216_194547 IMG_20171216_194549
IMG_20171216_195120 IMG_20171216_195241
IMG_20171216_195245 IMG_20171216_195248
IMG_20171216_195253 IMG_20171216_195811
IMG_20171216_195822 IMG_20171216_195828
IMG_20171216_195833 IMG_20171216_195856
IMG_20171216_200049 IMG_20171216_200053
IMG_20171216_200056 IMG_20171216_200059
IMG_20171216_200120 IMG_20171216_200127
IMG_20171216_200402 IMG_20171216_200410
IMG_20171216_200413 IMG_20171216_200422

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