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They have two locations or more here in Hong Kong, two that I’ve been to.

This is the place to come to, if you’re looking for hearty vegetables or sides to satiate your cravings. And they’re really tasty.

Summers mean you can pick up all the cold sides, if you wish. But for those cold days, you’ve also got some warm ones.

Even their small size is big enough for me. You get to pick four, if you’re not picking up a protein / meat, which is the case for me.

IMG_20180115_132745 IMG_20180115_132749
IMG_20180115_132753 IMG_20180115_132755
IMG_20180115_132800 IMG_20180115_132803
IMG_20180115_132805 IMG_20180115_132807
IMG_20180115_132950 IMG_20180115_133003

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